A Universal vision.

In 1987, our founder, Jerry had a vision to create a pest control company that would make pest-free life a reality for everyone. Starting with a spray tank borrowed from his father-in-law and red Dodge Omni he did pest control door-to-door and began to build one of Michigan's most iconic and dependable pest control brands.

Our Mission

We exist to make pest-free living a reality and to help shape a world where people and animals have mutually beneficial relationships that avoid compromising each other's habitats.


Pest-Free Living

Living with pests can be uncomfortable, embarrassing, and potentially unhealthy. We don't think anyone deserves that. Through our services, research, and charity, we want to help shape a world where pest-free living is possible.


Amazing Customer Service

Whether its answering your questions, helping you build a manageable pest control budget, or calling to check on you after an appoinment. Providing top-notch customer service makes us feel all warm inside.


The Universal Guarantee

The last thing you want to do is spend a fortune getting rid of pests, that's why all of our service come with an automatic 90-day guarantee and an optional warranty for extended coverage. We have your back -- we, well, guarantee it.

Free Estimates

Tired of being bugged? Contact us for an estimate, it's on the house.