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Pest control done right.

The best techniques, the best technicians.

Customized Solutions

With our custom solutions, this isn't just home pest control, it's pest control for your home.

Ecofriendly Alternatives

Our ecofriendly solutions are tough on pests but easy on the environment.

Pest Management Pros

With Universal, you get all the knowledge of pest scientists without the annoying lab coat.

Integrated Pest Management

With IPM we work with you by showing you steps you can take to help you avoid future pest problems.

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Preventative Treatments

With pests, an ounce of prevention is always better than a gallon of pesticides, we can help stop problems before they start.

Guaranteed Service

We don't just protect homes, we also protect your peace of mind with automatic guaranteed service and optional warranties.

Nature creates 'em. We exterminate 'em.

With Universal, pests get gone and stay gone.

Professional animal removal with

Having unwelcome animals in your home can be a pretty scary situation, we pride ourselves on removing them quickly and humanely.

Same day service? Yeah, we do that.

We can arrive within 24 hours of your phone call to get critters out quickly.

Animal removal with care

We use humane trapping and never kill or injure animals to remove them.

Chimney cap installations

Keep your home secure with a spiffy chimney cap. $99 installed.

Comprehensive plans, complete solutions.

With monthly, yearly, and pay-as-you-go service plans, you're sure to find the right fit for you.


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  • No commitment
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  • Monthly reports
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  • Subscription
  • Free retraces
  • Monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports
  • 10% Off other services
  • Free general pest control


Free estimate

  • No commitment
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • One-time service
  • 90-Day limited warranty

Free Estimates

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